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Creative Writing Website 

Here is a link to another 'Creative Writing' Website that you might like to try and home. 


It generates ideas for stories so you could combine this with 'Storybird' to create a fantastic story!


Class Novel- Tom's Sausage Lion

We have finished our class novel, 'Tom's Sausage Lion' by Michael Murpurgo. It was a fantastic read and all of the children really enjoyed it. Michael Murpurgo is an excellent author to read with plenty of age appropriate stories. 


We have started using the creative writing website 'Storybird' on the IPads. This is a fantastic, free resource in which children can create their own picture and poetry books. 


Each child has their own profile and I have also send home a parent code . This allows parents to monitor their child's story and comment on it. Each parent can only see their own child's story. 


Under the assignments tab, I will be assigning various topics for the children to write about. They can do this as part of their English homework. It is a great skill to allow children to edit their own books and finally publish them online. 


There is an option for parents to purchase printed books from the website too.

World Book Day - Never judge a book by its cover!

World Book Day - Never judge a book by its cover! 1

Report Writing 

Our writing genre for the month is 'Report Writing'. The whole school are working on the same genre. 

Recount Writing

Recount Writing  1

The Story of Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

A young boy called Stanley is awoken one morning to find that he is FLAT! 'The Story of Flat Stanley' is adapted for the screen and directed by Reel Performers. With a stunning cast of talented actors and actresses, this story originally written by Jeff Brown, brings together the most important things about story telling; IMAGINATION and MAGIC!

Budding authors writing their own stories using the I-Pad app 'Storybook maker'

Please Mrs. Butler 


Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps copying my work, Miss.
What shall I do?

Go and sit in the hall, dear.
Go and sit in the sink.
Take your books on the roof, my lamb.
Do whatever you think.

Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps taking my rubber, Miss.
What shall I do?

Keep it in your hand, dear.
Hide it up your vest.
Swallow it if you like, love.
Do what you think best.

Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps calling me rude names, Miss.
What shall I do?

Lock yourself in the cupboard, dear.
Run away to sea.
Do whatever you can, my flower.
But don't ask me! 

Small quarrel


She didn’t call for me as she usually does.
I shared my crisps with someone else.

I sat with someone else in assembly.
She gave me a funny look coming out.

I put a pencil mark on her maths book.
She put a felt-pen mark on mine.

She moved my ruler an inch.
I moved hers a centimetre.

I just touched her PE bag with my foot.
She put the smallest tip of her tongue out.

She dipped her paint brush in my yellow.
I washed mine in her paint water.

She did something too small to tell me what it was.
pretended to do something.

I walked home with her as usual.
She came to my house for tea.

From Collected Poems. 

Watch out Spielberg!

On Wednesday, we will try our hand out at making movies on the I-Pads using this website - You can try it yourself at home. Here's a sneak peak of what we will do in class

Third Class News

We have been working hard and have settled back into school. We have started to learn how to join our letters. Don't forget to fill in your reading logs in your homework journal every night.