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Principal: Mr Prendergast is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. He works closely with the teachers towards ensuring the children are given a very high standard of education - something that staff and parents alike can be proud of.


Vice-PrincipalMs Byrne assists the Principal in developing the educational aims and objectives of the school and helps to devise strategies to achieve them.


Teaching Staff:

Mainstream Class Teachers: 25 Teachers

Learning Support Team: 7 Teachers offering Learning Support and Resource Teaching. The learning support teachers provide extra help for children who are deemed to have specialised needs in English and Maths. Pupils with specific needs are catered for by a resource teacher.


Special Needs Assistants: 5 Special Needs Assistants at present. They are allocated as the need arises. The Special Needs Assistants perform tasks of a non-teaching nature and support the children under the supervision of the class teacher. 


Administration: We have two secretaries - Mary Twomey and Mary Magner(part-time). The demands on administration are ever-increasing. We strive at all times to provide a high standard of service on the administration front and we appreciate your prompt support when requests are made from the office for documentation, forms, monies etc.


Caretaker: Gregor is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the fabric of the school, requisites and the grounds.


Cleaners: We usually have a cleaning staff of five. It is a mammoth task to maintain high standards in a school of our size. We do expect the support of the children in tidying up after themselves and not leaving a mess for anybody else to clean. The school is maintained to a very high standard at all times.


Classes 2016-2017:




6th Class

Ms. Kieran

(Ms. O'Donnellan)

Rm 6


Ms. Cahill

(Mr. Kiely)

Rm 7


Ms. Farrelly

(Ms. Whyte)

Rm 8

Ms.Ni Chonchubhair

(Ms. Murphy)

Rm 9

Ms. Ward

(Ms. Hannon)

Rm 10


5th Class

Ms. Hayden/Kennedy


Rm 1

Ms. Whyte


Rm 2

Mr. Kiely


Rm 3

Ms. Murphy


Rm 4


Ms. O’ Donnellan


Rm. 5



4th Class


Ms. Dolan

(Ms. Mc Devitt)

Rm  12


Ms. Marron

(Ms. Cahill)

Rm  14

Mr. Forman

(Ms. Mc Daid)

Rm  15

Ms. Hannon

(Ms. O'Brien)

Rm  16

Ms. Mc Devitt

(Ms. Hanly)

Rm  17


3rd Class


Ms. Hanly

(Ms. Dromgoole)

Rm 18


Ms. O'Brien

(Ms. Carroll)

Rm 26

Ms. Costello

(Ms. Reddy)

Rm  27

Ms. Callely

(Ms. Cronin)

Rm  28

Ms. Magner

(Mr. Egan)

Rm 29


2nd Class


Ms. Cronin

(Mr. Hassett)

Rm 19


Ms. McDaid

(Ms. Grimes)

Rm 20

Ms. Dromgoole

(Ms. Conlon)

Rm 21

Mr. Fitzgerald

(Ms. Rawson)

Rm 24

Ms. Carroll

(Ms. Coughlan)

Rm 25

Gen. / Spec. Alloc.


Ms. Shaw

Rm 1A



Ms. Gaffney

Rm  11

(English L.S.)


Ms. Reddy

Mr. Colbert

Rm 13

(English L.S.)


Ms. Creavin

Rm 22

(Maths L.S.)


Mr. Rixon

Rm 23

(Maths L.S.)




Ms. Bennett

Rm 16A



Ms. Hennessy

Rm 18A