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School Uniform Policy

Pope John Paul II School Uniform Policy 2021 - 2022


Following consultation with the parents the school asks each child to wear our school uniform. This is very beneficial to the children and it is important that every effort is made to ensure your child is wearing our full school uniform as it encourages children to develop a sense of responsibility and belonging. Tracksuits are worn on P.E. days only.

In light of COVID-19 pupils may wear base layers underneath their uniform due to the extra ventilation in the rooms.


Girls: Tartan skirt or grey slacks, blue blouse, wine jumper with crew neck and crest and black shoes. Boots and runners are not to be worn. The skirt is the preferred option for the girls.

Boys: Grey slacks, blue shirt, wine jumper with crew neck and crest and black shoes – boots and runners are not to be worn.

P.E Uniform : School tracksuit and blue polo shirt plus runners may be worn only on designated P.E. days.

School Jacket (optional) – Navy fleece lined jacket with foldaway hood and crest.

Ear-rings: a simple stud ear-ring is permitted. Dangling/ long / looped earrings are prohibited for health and safety reasons.

Nail varnish: Children are not permitted to wear coloured varnish to school. IN the event that they do, they will be asked to remove it.

Hair Styles for girls: Girls are asked to keep their hair neat and tidy. Long hair must be tied back in the interests of hygiene.

Hair styles for boys: We ask that children do not use wax/ gel and to avoid severe shaved designs or coloured hair.



Please note the policy is due to be reviewed in March 2022.


*For the months of May, June and September school shorts can be worn with the school polo top and tracksuit jumper, due to the weather generally being warmer during these months.  Children who do not wish to wear school shorts, polo top and tracksuit top for the months of May, June and September, should wear their full school uniform.


Rationale and Values underlying the Uniform Policy:  


  1. Establish an identity  
  2. Equality  
  3. Encourage good dress code 
  4. Setting standards for secondary school 


Desired outcomes  of Uniform Policy:


  1. Sense of belonging created 
  2. Sense of equality increased 
  3. Standardisation of the dress code 
  4. Neat and tidy students
  5. Cost effective for parents