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Butterfly Art Samples

Here are some ideas for your PJP Butterfly Piece.... just to get you started! If you want to do something different and design your own using other colours/patterns,  then go for it! 

Guidelines for Decorating Your Butterfly



  1. Important: Before you start, clearly write your name and Room number on the back of your butterfly.
  2. If you need some ideas, have a look at the Samples of Butterfly Designs page. Your teacher has a copy. These samples are also on the website. If you prefer to use your own design, no problem, go for it!
  3. Start colouring! Use crayon, colouring pencil, marker or paint. If you want to paint it, make sure you give it enough time to dry before adding the detail.
  4. Be as colourful as you like - use 1 or 2 colours or more if you want. Remember it’s a small piece so we suggest you use brighter/lighter colours first then add the detail after.
  5. When adding details, it helps to use a black pen, dark pencil or a finely tipped black marker. A black pen/dark pencil works really well for adding details.
  6. If you want to embellish it e.g. with glitter, beads – use only a tiny amount as it’s a small piece
  7. When you are finished, return your butterfly to your teacher.
  8. Thank you and have lots of fun being creative !