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About Parent Class Reps


Each class has a Parent Rep who helps the Parent Council to communicate information to the parents and get feedback from the parents about various Parent Council events. Also, if you are new to the school, the Parent Rep is a useful way to get to know some of the other parents in your child's class.


The Parent Class Rep usually pulls together a parent contact list (for that class only) which they can then use to forward details about forthcoming events.  Some classes might have an email list, some might have for example, a ‘What’s App’ group or some might choose to use SMS texting or a mix of the two - whichever is easiest for the class.


If you would like to receive information regarding Parent Council events, please make sure your parent rep has your contact details.  Contact them directly or email us and we can pass it onto them for you.  


Below is a list of Parent Reps for each class within PJP.  

Class Reps 2016/2017

Room No. Teacher  Year Class Parent Rep
1 Ms Hayden/Ms Kennedy 5th Mike Frazer
2 Ms Whyte 5th Hilary Daly 
3 Mr Kiely 5th Mike Frazer
4 Ms Murphy 5th TBC
5 Ms O'Donnellan 5th Michelle Hennessy
6 Mr Kieran 6th Elaine Rooney
7 Ms Cahill 6th Shirley Hayden
8 Ms Farrelly 6th Caroline Chauvire
9 Ms Ni Chonchubhair 6th Paula Coghlan
10 Ms Ward 6th Maria Robinson
12 Ms Dolan 4th TBC
14 Ms Marron 4th Audrey Cahill
15 Ms Forman 4th TBC
16 Ms Hannon 4th Michelle Doonan
17 Ms McDevitt 4th Jean Scullion
18 Ms Hanly 3rd Diane Causer
19 Ms Cronin 2nd Elaine Egan
20 Ms McDaid 2nd Paula Coghlan
21 Ms Dromgoole 2nd Hazel Leonard
24 Mr Fitzgerald 2nd Brona Brady
25 Ms Carroll 2nd Sarah Clohessy
26 Ms O'Brien 3rd Olivia Le Blanc
27 Ms Costello 3rd Sarah McParland & Catherine Rothwell 
28 Ms Callely 3rd Laura Cahill  & Carolina Curran
29 Ms Magner 3rd Andrea Hegi


Lorraine Sibley is the main contact on the Parent Council regarding Class Parent Reps this year. If you have queries, would like to become a parent rep or would like to know who the parent rep is for your class, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You!

Download Class Parent Rep Form: